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Unfinished business

I'm finally creating and posting the 800-pixel, half-page versions of the remastered Guðrún. These image files are taken from the same source as the 700-pixels-wide full-page version over on Chronicles of the Witch Queen, but are still taking quite a bit of time to prepare, because at the greater width, the lettering turns out uncomfortably large. So I'm looking again at each page and shrinking the lettering by up to 10%. This latest version is the first in which most of the lettering fits comfortably in the word balloons (because webcomics, bless them, are just Too Damned Small). It still comes out large-ish, but I'm sure I won't feel that way in another 5 years.
I'm posting the new versions as soon as I get them done, so for the next few days, possibly weeks, there will be a moment in the archive where the scan quality and comic size drop abruptly. Right now, everything up to page 30B, originally posted on August 29, 2000, is posted. That's almost half of the story.

This little improvement to the website was made possible by my current computer-less situation at home. To get online, I have to go to the studio, so I dawdle less in the morning and arrive earlier. Because the morning isn't my most creative period, I spend it working on this. Each installment takes about 15 minutes on additional cleanup, lettering changes and preparation for posting, but having one of my favourite Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan stories not look like crap is worth it.


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