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Because there's no bandwagon I won't jump on...

... I am now on ComicSpace. An avatar will follow any year now.

ComicSpace bills itself as a MySpace for webcomics, but also promises to provide hosting for webcomics later on. Since its announcement, it's grown very fast indeed. Only time will tell, but ComicSpace might just throw a spanner in the works for Joey Manley's plans to make Webcomicsnation the Flickr of the Webcomics world. ComicSpace, after all, is being built from scratch, concentrating on the social networking aspect first, whereas the networking on WCN works via a range of only loosely connected tools and generally gives the impression of being grafted on after the hosting stuff was developed. On the other hand, WCN got there first, has an established track record at hosting, and the tools it does have (the Share the Love feature, the Talk About Comics Forums and blog), do work rather well.

We'll see how it goes; if there is to be a contest between the two services I'll be rooting for Webcomicsnation. But it does look like the stakes have been raised a bit.


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