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New bonus feature: The Bare-Pit

There's a new bonus feature below the comic: The Bare-Pit will be tooncast on Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan for the duration of its current storyline, Enchanted. Enchanted is a sequel to the guest storyline I did for The Bare-Pit, Incognito (also here), in which the faerie Abúi ends up in the nudist resort that is The Bare-Pit's regular setting. In Enchanted, Sven Allestedes is trying to help her go back to her own world, but, as a result of interference by Tash, Sven, Tash and Abúi end up in a country full of naked gnomes, elves, etc. Not that different from Abúi's world, then, but it just isn't home. Noodtoonist has done a great job getting his version of Abúi right, and his storyline, which is about to take a turn for the weird, has been very enjoyable so far, as always.

Some fan art by me has also been posted on the Bare-Pit site.

While on the subject of guest and fan art: Saturday's guest comic by Jeroen and Adam linked back to an earlier guest comic by those two, which didn't exist because I'd forgotten to upload it. I've fixed that now, meaning that a total of 8 ROCR updates were posted last week.


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