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White House in Orbit

The current guest comics sequence will be followed up, over the Christmas period, by more archival material. I'll be running the first White House in Orbit serial "Orbital Germans" on the website, in a remastered version based on new, cleaned-up scans.

I'm not nearly far enough along with Feral to resume posting that story. I've got seven pages drawn, but not lettered or coloured. Based on my experience posting the first batch, I would run out of pages in no time even if I had those seven ready to go. So something else will have to run in its place.

As you may know, I've got a love/hate relationship with regular update schedules. As a reader, I like them; as a website publisher, I find it satisfying to have them. But as an artist, I no longer want to be a slave to them. Unless I wring a living wage out of my webcomics somehow, I'm going to produce them at my leisure.

That leaves me with the need to post something else on the website, to keep... and of course, when I announced the interruption of Feral's regular publication, I said something about sidecomics. At least I have been working on that a little bit. But the problem with sidecomics is that they tend to disappear in the vast archives. Some of the batch I posted a year ago have been very succesful, especially the one-pager Chain Mail Bikini which I'd been sitting on for years, convinced, based on the reaction of one person I told the script to, that it wasn't any good at all. But while they do reach their audience eventually, they don't benefit from the exposure that comics posted on the front page get. So from now on, I intend to give every comic I add to the site, whether it's a Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comic or not, its day in the sun.

I've long been meaning to consolidate White House in Orbit into my main website again. My first effort was with a site hosted on Keenprime several years ago, which never got off the ground. Most of White House in Orbit was made in periods when I was also working hard on other comics. Especially back in 2001, I was maintaining a regular schedule with Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan while also drawing the first season of Floor, and WHIO never got as much time and attention expended on it as it needed. I remember spending a lot of my time working on it being stressed out and frustrated at unstable software. I want to avoid a repetition of that, so don't expect me to run two webcomics simultaneously any time soon. Instead, I will make a serious effort to give WHIO a decent-sized audience, using tools I didn't have at my disposal back in 2001, such as Project Wonderful.

By the way, doing things this way (producing at leisure, running one comic at the time, giving each installment of every comic I post its day in the sun), I should be able to update the site 7 days a week, possibly for as long as a year. So that will be my aim for 2007: 365 updates. Many, perhaps most, of these won't be ROCR updates though, and it may turn out to be necessary to re-brand the site, to start presenting it as reinderdijkhuis.com rather than rocr.net. Not that rocr.net URLs will stop working, but there may well be a change in emphasis. We'll see.

Embarrassingly, there's still some uncertainty as to when the WHIO reruns will start. The most likely date is Sunday, December 17, when the guest comics run out. But there's still a slight chance of one guest comic arriving on Saturday, and if it does, I'll reschedule the WHIO comics and post that on Sunday. If the guest comic doesn't arrive on Saturday, I'll post it on New Year's Eve instead. The flexibility of WillowCMS allows me to do that and still keep the archives coherent in the long run.

Speaking of which, Mithandir has been busy working on new features, which will be rolled out on the ROCR site in the next week or so.

Got something to say about my plans for next year? Comment in the forum!


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