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Odds and ends

  • White House in Orbit: Orbital Germans has started. I'm running an ad campaign for it, and I've put up a provisional home page for the series for people to bookmark and link to. Of course, the series also runs on the ROCR.net home page.
  • The "Oh-my-god-why-are-the-scans-suddenly-tiny-and-ugly" point in the Guðrún storyline has been pushed to the comic for November 8, 2000 the comic for November 27, 2000. I'll add some more remastered comics today. It's going reasonably fast now. infinity. The work is done, folks!
  • All this work on Guðrún is making me itch to put it into print. Not that I expect there to be many buyers; after all, only a handful of people have signed up for the Headsmen collection - not nearly enough to lift it out of its current vaporware status. But perhaps Guðrún would be more popular? One never knows.


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