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Note to self concerning kittens.

I have promised my brother and his girlfriend to feed their kittens while they are away to England for Christmas. Therefore, I must take care of kittens. I must not, I repeat not, forget to take care of the kittens. If I forget to take care of the kittens, I am an idiot. When I wake up tomorrow morning, the first thought in my head should be of kittens. So should the next, and the one after that. I should pin a note to my alarm clock saying "kittens". I should leave another note on my kitchen table, one on the tea kettle, one in the fridge, wrapped around the cheese, another one on the laptop I've been watching DVDs on these past few mornings, another one on the door of my bike shed, and one pinned to my bike.

I should also write "kittens" on my forehead, in reverse. Though there's a strong likelihood that I'll shower in the morning so unless I've got non-soluble ink or possibly tattoo ink, I might as well not bother. Ditto with writing it on my hand, and in any case I'll be wearing gloves on my way to my brother's house.

In fact, none of these things are likely to stop me from forgetting to go to my brother's house while I'm on my way to my brother's house, which is why I'm posting a note about kittens in this blog, and changing my MSN nick to "Reinder has kittens" I will do the same to my IRC nick in a minute. It's the only way I'll remember to take care of the kittens, provided I don't turn my back on the studio's computer screen.

Who will think of the kittens?


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