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Up next: Rocket Bandits

Between Christmas shopping, kittens, work on Gang of Four kicking me in the ass despite all my attempts to keep it simple, another spirited but doomed attempt at mucking out the Augian stable that is my apartment, the need to get a few days off from work and the need to have some semblence of a a life, I have not got any further with work on Feral than I was two weeks ago. So I will continue the reruns of White House in Orbit into January, following up Orbital Germans with Rocket Bandits starting January 1.

This repost doesn't completely get me off the hook work-wise: as the WHIO stories accumulate, it will become more necessary to turn rocr.net/reinderdijkhuis.com into a true multi-comic website rather than one that is dominated by one extremely long series. There's also the need for some more tidying up of the website itself (as you may have noticed, the bonus tooncast of The Bare-Pit has been quietly canceled, simply because it overloaded an already rather bloated front page. It's still on my page of other people's tooncasts though). And when we get to the third series, Engel-im-Flucht, I will have to start re-lettering and possibly re-colouring the story as well. There's a bit of a discussion on the forum about the newspaper texture that I used in the original publication of several WHIO stories; I want to get rid of it, but if enough people want it, I'l add it again, hopefully in a more subtle way than before.

Here's what I need to do to make the site a true multi-comic site:
* Each comic needs to have its own home page, archive listing and chain of linked archived comics pages. This part is actually easy.
* All of the home pages, archive listings and archived comics pages should be visually distinct from those of other comics, without having to add too many extra templates. Consistent use of variables within the templates is the key here, and while it will take some busywork, it shouldn't be that hard.
* The last page posted should be on the site's front page, no matter which comic it is from. This is going to take some more delving into WillowCMS internals, and what's more, it's going to require me to remember stuff I learn for a change. It should be doable; blogs, after all, do this all the time. One difference with blogs, though, is that the navigation buttons should link to comics within the series that the last comic comes from.
* All series archives should be linked on the front page.
* Despite the above, the front page should not be more cluttered than the one I have now. This means something should go. In fact, if it's anything like tidying up my apartment, a lot should go.

The final point is likely to be the hard bit....


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