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First rejected PW ad on my site

Here's a first: Today, for the first time, I've rejected an ad on ROCR.net and banned the Project Wonderful member posting it. The advertiser was a tacky Italian lottery site that's probably illegal in my country and for all I know is completely fraudulent. Nuh-uh. No way am I accepting those ads (he said, reminding himself to keep an eye on the google ads that this post throws up).

Generally speaking, as an advertiser, I find it very annoying when a PW site insists on approving every ad by hand. It leads to delays and uncertainty, which degrades the value of the entire service as far as I'm concerned. Because of this, I've set all ad boxes that I host to "automatically accept everything". So far, it's been highly unlikely that anyone hosting ads will be confronted with inappropriate ads. If more gambling-oriented sites of the kind that have been traditionally advertised through spam join the system, that may have to change... but the interface for blocking ads and banning advertisers is actually pretty easy and convenient to use. So I'll leave things as they are and will continue to advise other PW members hosting ads to set their ad blocks to automatically accept everything.


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