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Odds and ends...

I have 22 updates of the White House in Orbit storyline Engel In Die Flucht remastered and lettered. I thought I had 21, but it turned out the stack of original art that I scanned a month or so ago wasn't complete, so when lettering the pages I found one more. I had to remaster that one from the original scan, but I don't think this will be noticeable. Engel will take WHIO into late February, but after that, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan will be back with new material. It won't be the Feral storyline just yet, though. It will be something else entirely.

On an entirely unrelated note, something has started... Indeed, an Oh Dear may be in order.

Also, I've updated my webcomic links list on ROCR.net and removed the Snap code. It was a neat idea, but after a few weeks I began to find it annoying because it interfered with normal link behaviour.

I've little else to say right now. I'm getting up early and working hard, especially with my steadily increasing teaching load. Talk to you later!


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