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Today, I failed the Turing test 12 times in a row

The CAPTCHA system at Project Wonderful Talk is so good it blocked me from signing up twelve times in a row. I don't know why this is. The blurb next to the CAPTCHA claims that it is case-sensitive, but I've only seen capital letters in there. Also, it instructs people to enter only bold text, but in some cases it's hard to tell the difference. Whatever the cause is, I'm sure I'm not the only person who's been blocked from taking part in this forum. Not that the people at Projectwonderfultalk.com will be able to tell, because if there is a contact email address anywhere on the site, it's been hidden with great efficiency. Avoid this website if you value your time.
Update: Contact information was hidden at the bottom of one of its blog posts. I would like to point out that humans look for email addresses in the same way that bots do, by scanning for strings that look like Address@host.tld. Or a "Contact" button above the fold, if you find that having to filter out spam is too high a price to pay for being reachable.

Even the most basic alternative to CAPTCHAs, a link for the visually handicapped to follow, is missing. You want to sign up or post on Projectwonderfultalk? Prayer is your only option.

CAPTCHAs are effective at blocking spam bots, but at a great cost to legitimate users. I really should point out that on the Talk About Comics forums, spam bots stopped being a problem as soon as Joey installed the PHPBB plugin for Bad Behavior on the forums. This has also blocked a number of legitimate users, but that number has been very small, and it's been more effective than the CAPTCHA system that was already in place. The CAPTCHA there is still in place for new signups, as far as I know, but for all I know, it's become unnecessary.


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