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Slow page loads in the morning on rocr.net/ resulting from Project Wonderful ads

Lately, ROCR.net has been loading slowly in the mornings (if you are reading this in my time zone, which is Central European Time). I'm afraid the source of the problem is the Project Wonderful ads, especially the new leaderboard ad on the archive pages.

If it was anything else, I'd remove it from the page in a heartbeat. But those ads are the best revenue source the comic has ever had, even if I do spend more on advertising through PW than I earn through it. The downtime, which can go up to two hours, is a big problem, though, so I'm watching the matter closely. I may end up doing what some other comics do and quarantine the ads in their own pages loaded through iframes. The fixed size of those iframes would then allow the browser to get on with loading the rest of the page. The problem with that sort of stopgap measures, though, is that they have a tendency to end up being permanent, which I'm not willing to put up with just yet.

The problem mostly affects the Opera browser, which is slow to give up on javascript that fails to load.If you use Opera, switching off javascript helps, and doesn't prevent the ads from loading when Project Wonderful is down. Or you can read the comic in Firefox; I want rocr.net to work in all browsers and wouldn't dream of presenting a browser switch as a solution, but the option is open to you if you want it.


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