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A little introduction

Eh... Erm.... Hello?... Test... Is this thing on?...... Ah..Well...Ahem!
H-Hello dear readers. My name is Jelena Stellaard and I will join Reinder in 'besmirching' (or how do you write that word) this lovely Waffle-Blööög... So as of now you will be able to read next to Reinders rubbish, some exquisite prose from my hand (and no I did not just now watch two episodes of Pride and Predjudice in one go... well it's Valentines Day for goodness sake!)... Ahwell... anyway... Feel free to read my lovely blog entries (or die!) and well, maybe you could sometimes visit my splendid- I mean HUMBLE website (www.saiso.nl/jelena spamspam). 'Kay that's it for now, bye bye, yours truly etcetc.


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