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More little monsters

I've been sick, bored and generally crawling up the walls in between coughing fits, at least at those times of the day when I was out of bed. At least in the evening, I found the energy to draw some more monsters in my sketchbook.

Gren and Bob
Gren and Bob from Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. Unlike the other two, this one has had quite a lot of post-production done to it in GIMP. It's difficult to work with GIMP if you haven't done any serious work with it in such a long time as I have, but the bigger problem was that I don't have a tablet at home here - all I have here is an optical mouse with the habit of darting to the edges of the screen for no good reason at all. Luckily I found that feathering the selection tools allowed me to preserve the pencil texture while correcting this drawing.

Yes, he's got a ribbon on his penis. Even a fuzzy monster likes the occasional elegant touch in his accoutrements.
This guy could be yesterday's monster girl's husband. I imagine he's either some sort of a guard or a hunter, and we've caught him doing some morning gymnastics outside the couple's cave before going to work. I'm now definitely going with horns for these creatures. That's not his tail behind his left thigh, by the way. It's some sort of fur pouch.

Ogre Family
These things are ogres. Who said they don't have happy family lives? This one's a bit rough, but I might turn it into a proper drawing at some later date.

Drawing these made me feel a bit better. I think it was Sesame Street that taught me we all need more monsters in our lives. You learn a lesson at that age, it tends to stick with you.

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Is it wrong to want to cuddle that hunter? So cute!

Drooling Fan Girl:


Oh so wrong, but we forgive you anyhow.

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