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No more weekend updates for now.

Sorry folks, I'm cancelling the weekend updates for this weekend and at least the next few. I spent a lot of time working on my comic for Hello You! and don't have enough time and energy left to do the weekend updates properly.

The Crossover Wars run on a fixed schedule of five updates per week anyway, and the weekend updates wouldn't be anything but fillers. Nevertheless, I don't want to cobble just any old rubbish together for the weekends - after all, these updates would stay on the front page for a full day and in the archives until I got around to cleaning them out. Hundreds if not thousands of people would see them. So "any old rubbish" just isn't acceptable.

Five a week is still pretty good, and I'm sure there will be weekend updates again soon enough, especially once I get to sit around with Calvin to discuss what to do with his production sketches. And keeping up with a New Years' resolution for two months probably isn't that bad. So see you on Monday!


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