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Advertise on ROCR.net!

I've got some ad spots up on my websites that have been going cheap. They're served by Project Wonderful, so they go to the highest bidder, and recently, the price on them has gone down to a few pennies.

Small ad buttons, about 10,000 pageviews a day, going for $ 0.05.
Square ad on the front page only, about 900 pageviews a day, going for $ 0.08.
Archive-only leaderboard ad, currently going for $1.10 but likely to drop deeply as the second-highest bid is expiring in a few days. About 10,000 pageviews a day, give or take the odd dip.
Square ad on this very blog! A couple of hundred pageviews a day, which surprised me when I saw it. Currently going at a whopping $ 0.30 a day.
Skyscraper ad on Chronicles of the Witch Queen. Currently going for free! Not exactly a pageview magnet, but as you can see from the graph, it goes up and down, so if you're the gambling kind, you might want to consider it.

Other sites with the same reach, such as Websnark, have much higher bids on them. One difference is that Websnark does have more unique visitors; another is that the Project Wonderful ads on Websnark are brand spanking new. Somehow, Project Wonderful ads perform best in their first few weeks and then begin to sag. Jin Wicked of Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break, a site whose reach is much greater than mine, noticed the same thing. Project Wonderful encourages novelty-chasing. There's an automated notifier that you can set up to send you email when there are new ads meeting your criteria, but I don't think there's one that tells you when an ad that's been around for a few months has become a bargain. And because many of Project Wonderful's ad publishers are, like myself, penniless web comic artists and enthusiasts who are thrilled at the opportunity to make some money from what are, on the whole, tasteful, discrete, even hip ads that can actually make a webcomics site somewhat more appealing, they tend to make a big noise about having shiny new Project Wonderful ads on their sites. Very few people make a big noise about the ads they've had on there for three months.

There is, then, a strong argument for occasionally replacing ones ad blocks with new ones. Unfortunately, the system works best if bidders lock in bids for months or even years, so while replacing ad blocks might deliver some short-term benefits for the individual doing it, it degrades the system as a whole in the long term if everyone does it. Especially with the vast majority of bids everywhere being very low; canceling ads doesn't save anyone any real money, but does waste the work people have done in setting them up.

But when I see start seeing "Your ad here" on any of my ad blocks, it goes down. If no one's bidding anyway, there's no harm done.


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