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Errant Story fundraiser

Creator Michael Poe of the webcomic Errant Story has been hit with some unexpected bills totaling $ 10,000, so he's having a fundraiser involving auctions, a donation drive and sponsored wallpapers. Errant Story has a reputation for being a very popular webcomic, and its Advertising page bears that out - 115,000 uniques a month is not to be sneezed at. So it's sobering to think that such a widely-read webcomic still has to do that sort of thing. Clearly, the revolution hasn't quite run its course yet.

In the forum thread, Poe's partner Hillary Hatch gives a breakdown of both the couple's immediate expenses and their more long-term needs. I like that they do that - transparency is important. Webcomics artists have for the most part been unsuccesful at setting up solid businesses, so we've had to become good at emergency fundraising, and telling people what the real situation is and where the money goes is a major part of that.

I'm afraid, though, that this post will be my only contribution. I've been falling far short of my own needs over the past six months, and can't afford to donate or buy stuff. I expect that this blog reaches a handful of people outside the webcomics community, though, and these people are invited to at least give reading Errant Story a try.


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