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The things you do...

Being in a Crossover means you get to draw things you wouldn't normally. Like computer interfaces if you're doing a medieval-based fantasy comic:
SMOG2MAC interface

To be precise, this is the SMOG2MAC interface - SMOG for "Semi-Mystical Otherworldly Gates", MAC for "BSD on a high-quality PC with an Intel Chip, formerly BSD on a PowerPC, formerly a once innovative but aging GUI on a PowerPC.". This SMOG2MAC program is a hacked/pirated version running in a virtual machine in a more conventional laptop PC, though, which is why the Apple logo has a worm in it.
The comic universes SMOG2MAC is streaming video from can just about be recognised at this stage of the drawing.

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I recognize that comic world!
NICE! And thanks for the cameo!

*is very pleased*

I keep being astonished over how much basic ideas like the SMOG keeps evolving even in the smallest details... its amazing :)

Thanks, Rich. I was actually toying with the idea of inviting you to do a brief crossover, but what with the schedule being very tight, I decided to write the YAFGC cameo-ing stuff into a single episode. Turned out pretty well, I think, but you'll see when it runs on the 28th.

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