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This YouTube video was posted on the ComicGenesis boards:

It's a humane way of keeping squirrels out of your bird feeder, but...
While one of the commenters on YouTube refers to squirrels as "stupid tree rats", the American Grey Squirrel is better thought of as a clever, crafty little tree rat. There will inevitably be a sequel to this video entitled "Twirl-a-squirrel defeated, hordes of squirrels plunder trapped bird feeders."

Years ago, the BBC broadcast two documentaries in which Grey Squirrels were presented with obstacle courses that they had to defeat in order to get to food that was laid out at the end of the course. It never took them long to get there, and once one had made it through the course, others would soon follow because they'd all observe how the first one did it. I looked for footage from those documentaries on YouTube but couldn't find any yet. I recall it being very impressive.

The Grey Squirrel is an introduced species in Britain, and is considered a pest there. It drives out the native red squirrels, partly as a result of being more intelligent and agressive. Red squirrels are cuter to look at but, while in a human-dominated environment, there's a survival advantage to being cute, it hasn't helped them enough.

On the continent, though, Red Squirrels are still going strong, and I'm happy to say there's a nice little population near the studio where I work. From time to time, one of us spots one - Calvin saw a bunch of them fighting a few weeks ago, and days later, I could observe one climbing a tree for about a minute before I lost sight of it. That always makes me feel good.

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Drooling Fan Girl:


Oh man oh man, the poor squirrels

"Urp, I don't feel so good....."

as for Stupid it's used not only to mean not intelligent, but also for unwanted. Like if I stepped on a tack, "owowow Stupid goshdarn tack!"

I assume it's weight driven, I wonder how it manages to not activate from too many birds...

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