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Feeling the strain...

Two weeks ago, Adam told me he thought the recent work on Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan was "gorgeous -- just for once nothing is rushed". I thanked him for that but had to admit that I didn't think the next few weeks would be quite as good. And two weeks on, I do think the pressure of keeping up is showing in all aspects of the work.

Normally, this would be my cue to say, "hold on, I can do better if I give myself more time", but as I'm in the thick of a crossover, I can't do that. The work has to stay on schedule even if I'm exhausted and also have taxes, Gang of Four and several other urgent matters to deal with (several of which involve a mad scramble to get paperwork done so that money from my client starts flowing into my bank account. I'm not doing well on that score). And while these pages won't go down as the best in the archives, the heroic work done by DFG, Calvin Bexfield and Mravac Kid saves them from being the worst. Though I did draw the line at letting the computer interface lettering on the version of today's comic that originally went up this morning stay unfixed.

Blogging will be light until I have some more time and energy again.

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Drooling Fan Girl:

awwww you didn't like my old skool apple. :(

And I think they look fine. :P

The old-school Mac icon wasn't what I had to go back to fix - I changed that prior to publication, not because it was a problem in itself but because I'd already shown the blue icon in the comic.


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