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Wednesday Workday

Wednesday was like Tuesday only slightly less so.
Went to bed at midnight-ish on Tuesday, after inking most of the top half of my Gang of Four page. Was good and tired, slept well, but woke up before the alarm. Stayed in bed until after the alarm anyway.
I arrived at work later than usual, close to 11 AM, after doing a bunch of things that I can't even remember right now. Oh yeah, posting a blog post and writing a long forum post somewhere that I then threw away because my argument sucked. I scanned Monday's character-art-only ROCR comic, cleaned it up and sent it to DFG for colouring. The backgrounds will be drawn separately; I don't quite know how we'll handle that, but I'll probably ask Calvin to draw them on a separate sheet of paper, with smaller gutters between the panels so there is some wiggle room for splicing them together. I may ask Mravac to colour the backgrounds so we have one page that the entire team has worked on.
Then, drawing the bottom half of the Gang of Four page, which started slowly but got well underway once I took up my spot in the stairwell outside. I'm getting used to working there, and even the posture aspect is getting better. Let's hope the sunny weather goes on for a little while - I just might get back on track.

I got started on the inking at a little past 4, left at 6, came back to work at nine-ish to do more inking and light table work. Most of it is done now. Tomorrow, I need to finish up the inks, add a few more backgrounds, clean up, scan, letter and colour. I don't think I'll be done at five, but I'm pretty confident I can send the material to the magazine by Friday morning. It'll be my last of the series, possibly my last ever, so I'm trying hard to make it a good one.


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