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Smith & Jones (mild Doctor Who Season 3 spoilers)

I'd actually had a Doctor Who-related dream the other night, involving Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones, and several incarnations of the Doctor. I don't remember everything from it, but I do remember that Colin Baker, the Sixth Doctor, looked uncannily young and svelte in it. Even when he wasn't standing next to Mel Smith, I mean.

The real first episode was pretty good. Though I was disappointed by much of Series 2, I'd missed the guy and was looking forward to seeing him again with a new companion. "Smith and Jones" wasn't perfect - the plot was stretched a bit thin for 45 minutes - but it had a sense of fun that was missing in much of Torchwood, built up the tension well, had a few laughs, a lot of running-in-corridors and some neat visuals. It was formulaic, but the formula was executed well. I like new companion Martha Jones - she's smarter and less "primal" so to speak, than Rose Tyler was, and hopefully won't be as clingy towards him. She's pretty pleasing to the eye as well, and there was definitely a sexual dynamic between the two, so fanficcers can start sharpening their pencils right now.

The best direct comparison between the two companions is of course the bit where they see the inside of the TARDIS for the first time, a gag that the Doctor can't get enough of and neither can I. Where Rose just ran around it and went "ook?", Martha Jones stayed calm, talked, analysed, tried to figure it out, and of course failed, because there isn't really anything to comprehend. It's bigger on the inside, is all there is to it. Throughout the episode it was clear that the Doctor wanted to work with someone who used her brain, and Martha passed that test.

A good start to the season, I think. I'll definitely go on watching this.


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