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As of today...

... I've been sick with flu or flu-related complications such as bronchitis for one month out of the last three. I'm heartily fed up with it.

When the latest epidemic was first confirmed in late February (I was in the tail end of my first bout of the year at the time), some dim-witted trollup on the radio said something like " ah well, if you've got it, chin up! You'll be sick for a day or three and have immunity for a year." I wanted to call up the station and tell her that that only worked if by three days she meant three weeks and by a year she also meant three weeks. I didn't have the energy or the breath to, so I didn't.

I just might be going back to bed after posting this... No comics are due until Monday. On the other hand, I really don't like the look of the latest installment and kind of resent the idea of it staying on the front page all weekend.


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