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Well, so much for Movable Type's nifty new spam prevention

The keyword blacklisting in Movable Type has one little drawback: it doesn't work. I've added several variants of "Good Site! Thanks!" including "ood site! Thank" to the blacklist but spams containing those phrases continue to get posted. Update: I've boned up on regular expression syntax and the rules for whole-word blacklisting, and it works well now.

Worse than that, because of Movable Type's insane resource consumption, forced mass rebuilds after a spam cleanup sometimes hit Xepher's resource limits, causing them to time out and the rebuild to fail, meaning that the spams don't get deleted from the posted entries (though they do get deleted from the database). This is Not Acceptible.

Worse, the filter's performance seems to be worsening. Spams that automagically get junked still outnumber spams that don't, but not nearly by as much as they did a month ago. I've got bad experiences with learning filters (Opera's, for instance, tends to learn it wrong even though I'm pretty damned dilligent about catching any spam the filters don't, and marking it as such before deleting it); I don't know which part of the setup is failing to learn about spam, but one of them is. Maybe it's not updating its blackhole list.

This weekend, I'm going to beef up the anti-spam defenses, installing Akismet and everything else that I can find that might block it. Until then, don't be surprised if you suddenly find comments closed across the blog. I'm leaving them open on this one in case someone wants to suggest a neat anti-spam trick or plugin, though.

BTW Trackbacks have already been shut off again, probably for good this time. I've switched off sending trackbacks as well, except possibly to the aggregators that Movable Type auto-pings.


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