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Name that Princess!

The Dutch Crown Prince Willem Alexander's new daughter is to be named tomorrow. His previous daughters are called Amalia and Alexia, and many observers expect that the third daughter's name will be similar. I for one think Alcydia has a nice ring to it, but there are quite a few other names that might also work. Anhedonia, Arrythmia, Afasia, Anorexia, Ambrosia, Apathia, Anaemia... add your own in the comments (while they still work)!

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Artemesia? Ariana?


... now let's have some that aren't medical conditions.

Adam Cuerden:

But neither of mine are medical conditions; they're both names.

I wasn't referring to your contributions - rather to my own.



Athesia? (tremor/spasticity: 'not staying put')

Michiel P:

I did post an avalanche of apposite names starting with A, but somehow they never arrived. While Willem-Alexander and Maxima have settled for Ariane, my attempts might still be appreciated, or else aborted again:

Amoeba, Argentinia, Australasia, Acadaemia, Aspasia, Agrippina, Anonymia, Anathemata, Aleajacta, Axioma, Algorithma, Algebra, Analfabetica, Asparagia, Arkadia, Armenia, Adastra, Aspidistra, Acacia, Azalea, Aphrodisiaca, Annakarenina

Michiel P:

Note that Adam Cuerden came very close to guessing the right name.

Yeah, Adam came close. The name, in case anyone cares to hear it, has been announced to be Ariane. For getting it so nearly right, Adam wins an opportunity to script-edit another page of ROCR and nit-pick its dialogue.

Michiel, I don't know what happened to your post, but I guess it got junked by Movable Type and then mass-deleted by me. Or it may just have been another timeout. I'll look into it.

Michiel P:

My brain kept churning out names, so I thought I might still add:

Anatevka, Anastasia, Annakournikova, Agnesvarda, Arrogantia, Androgynia, Adhesiva, Aperitiva, Antidepressiva

and, to pay homage to the comic series in which this kind of wordplay was carried to an extreme:

Asterixinispania, Asterixencleopatra, Asterixenderondevangallia


They're not only good names for princesses but also for albums by Asia.


I think my post got junked as well. What I said was that all of these suggestions would also make good titles for Asia albums.

Lee: How strange. I did actually see that one posted. My apologies in any case.

Found and restored it.

Michiel P:

Ooo, we forgot Apologia!

Michiel P:

And Aprilia, Absurdia, Antologia, Aburbecondita, Antediluvia, Antarctica, Awrenceofarabia.

I kind of like Antediluvia for one of Countess Alcydia's earliest ancestors...

Michiel P:

I bet she employed sabretooth wolfmen! And maybe plotted to become Venus of Willendorf instead of the Venus of Willendorf!

(And I still forgot Ammonia, Altavista, Anarchia, Arachnofobia.)

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