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The Team takes a couple of days off

The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan team is taking Friday and Monday off to enjoy a long weekend of recharge, relaxation and recuperation.
What that means is that I take tomorrow and Friday off before getting back into scripting the next part of the story over the weekend, DFG and Calvin will not be nagged by me for contributions until Monday or possibly later, Mravac will not notice that anything has changed as he hasn't had to endure any nagging from me in weeks, and you will see fillers on the ROCR website on Friday and Monday, and possibly on Tuesday as well. I'm not sure, at this point, about Tuesday. The fillers will have new art in them, by Calvin and others.

There's no more crossing over scheduled for me until the middle of May. Before that I want to do a section that involves my own characters only, fighting off the Nightmare Invasion back in Clwyd-Rhan. I'll end the story with a longish section that's currently being plotted out for me by Geir, involving Duchess Alcydia and the Witch Queen. In all, I'll add another 20 updates to this one, making it 60-odd to 70 updates in total. An average length for a Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story.

The Crossover Wars have been very hard work for me (not to mention the other Team members), but I got a lot out of it. Most noteworthy is the fact that I got to post 47 new ROCR updates in a row, which may not seem like a lot in the context of the giant archives, but is actually the longest streak of new updates in two years. And, like I said, I'll add some 20 more, assuring that the site gets more new ROCR content added than it got in all of 2006.

Also, I got a significantly greater readership out of it. I'm now hovering around the 1300 unique visitors per day line, which is over 300 more than I got at the start of Invasion two months ago. There are almost certainly some prior readers giving this storyline a miss because they don't like crossovers, but they're definitely in the minority. Of today's readers, only 140 have come directly through a link from a site associated with the crossover, so the rest of the difference between two months ago and now must be made up of people who have been sticking around since the start of the storyline. Welcome to the comic, and thanks for reading!

Finally, I got to do some collaborative cartooning. To be able to do the work, I've had to assemble a team of people helping out with backgrounds and colouring (though there have been days when I've had to do either or both of these jobs myself - unless and until I can pay people to assist me, I can't count on them being available all the time), and working with Calvin Bexfield, Drooling Fan Girl and Mravac Kid has been both a joy and a learning experience. In addition to that, work on ROCR has been done by Stephen Crowley (one guest comic scripted by me), Adam Cuerden, Jeroen Jager (guest comic in which Adam and Jeroen did most of the work) and, Geir Strøm. Finally, I've enjoyed working with the artists and writers on the other side of the crossovers: Hogan, Caitlin Woods, Ti-Phil, Jonathan Oliver, Inemesit Imoh, Gothia and Stephen Southworth (who hasn't technically crossed over with ROCR yet, but he's let me work on his scripts for the sequence he's doing now) and all the others who have been putting in their two cents.

Having said that, the downside was that even with all that help, it still took a lot of time and effort, and in past two weeks, I've been skimping on the art quality quite a bit. I'm overdue for a break. So enjoy the background articles I'll be posting as filler, and see you on Tuesday or Wednesday!

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It has been great working with you Reinder, you have contributed with so much to the Wars
Do stick around ;)

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