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Project Wonderful sophomore slump update

I'd be remiss in my duties as a Project Wonderful watcher if I didn't mention that since my last post, my Project Wonderful earnings have gone up a bit (though not so much that I can start taking money out of the system, yet), and that I've seen some new advertisters crop up both here and elsewhere. Most notably, I saw an ad for Republican Presidential hopeful Ron Paul on the Clan of the Cats front page. It would be nice to think that the ad was placed there by Congressman Paul's own campaign committee, and in the long run, I can see that happening at least with the lesser-known, lesser-funded campaigns (I had heard of Ron Paul before, mostly in the context of his anti-war stance. But a likely contender he probably ain't). After all, PW isn't all that different from Blogads (now there's a thought - how about a Blogads-style ad format, with text, within the PW system?) as both are inexpensive, turnkey advertising systems. In this particular case, though, it looks more likely that a supporter of Mr. Paul bought the ad on his behalf. Which is a nice enough way to support a candidate.

It would seem that the Project Wonderful sophomore slump is over. I note that for some websites, such as Girl Genius 101, the slum appears never to have happened. Those big-audience webcomics can pull in $ 35 a day minus PW's 25% cut from Project Wonderful advertising. For a webcartoonist, that's pretty good money.

While I'm at it, here's that list of my ad slots again:
Buttons on all my webcomics pages, currently going for $ 0.09 each.
ROCR front-page only square ad, currently going for $ 0.20.
ROCR archive-only leaderboard, currently going for $ 1.80.
Square ad on the blog, currently going for the princely sum of $ 0.04.
Skyscraper ad on Chronicles of the Witch Queen, currently going for $ 0.30.

Readership on the webcomics pages has been going up steadily, so they may well be better locations for your ads than they were just two months ago.


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