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Slower update schedule for a while, with more fillers and side-comics

Just a few days ago, I thought "hmmm... if my readership goes on riding so high, it would be almost a crime to cut down on updates" and even said in a few public places that if I passed 1500, I'd compensate for the fillers, and progressively increase the update schedule if I passed other readership thresholds.

Well, when my readership didn't pass 1500 that day, I was actually a bit relieved. And... I'm eating crow, right now. I've thought about it, and there are so many other things I have to tend to this week, and I want to increase the quality of the art a bit from its low points of the last two weeks, and if I go on working like I did over the past two months (as well as being a complete slave-driver to the kind people who have been assisting me), I'm going to drive myself over a cliff, health-wise and financially. It would be much better to allow myself some recovery time so I don't work on my pages while tired. In short, I'm going to cut down the schedule of real updates to three a week for the next two weeks, after which there is more crossover stuff planned again. Increasing the schedule over and above five a week is out of the question under any circumstances, except people giving me lots of money.

This week, new comics will appear on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Next week, it'll be a more conventional Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, with fillers inbetween.

I will add more fillers like the ones I posted Friday and today, though. Giving cast and worldbuilding pages on the front page guarantees that they will be read, proofread and commented on, and that in turn guarantees that by the time they are moved to their final place in the Cast and World sections, they'll be worth reading, correct and exhaustive. Everybody wins!

Also, I'll dig up and post the final unremastered Pin Drop comics and get started on re-re-re-mastering Tips for Lazy Buggers from the old site on users.bart.nl/~samizdat, which will soon be shut down. My pledge to post 365 updates in 2007 still stands, even though we're a dozen or so behind right now.


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