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Health update

For future reference: I am now finally free of the flu symptoms that have been plagueing me on and off, but mostly on, since the beginning of March. I've still got a lingering sort of a cough, but that seems to be largely the result of throat irritation caused by coughing.
I went running today with my club, and found that I had full use of my lungs and no major loss of condition. Good. I feel flabby though, because I haven't been very physically active lately. Time to step up the exercise regime.

This flu epidemic seems to have been a hard one to beat. My father told me his flu symptoms kept coming back, and I've read similar from Crossover Wars participants on their forum. They feel better for a few days and it's back to the sickbed. Pete Ashton seems to have had it particularly bad - staying housebound for so long that after he got better, he took a flyer delivery job just to get back in shape! Good thinking, that. I should get a job like that. And he came out of the ordeal a non-smoker, at least for the time being.

I can't help but wonder how much productivity this year's epidemic has destroyed, and whether that alone may not be a good reason for governments to increase their vaccination capacity and offer free vaccinations to a wider range of people. It's likely that that would pay for itself. It would also improve herd immunity protecting individuals like myself who are at an increased risk of death from the flu. Of course, I've pretty much got my own life in my hand as far as that's concerned. Did I mention that I will never, ever, forget to get my flu shots again? I think I did.

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You have my sympathies. I had it particularly bad in mid-March and I'm still coughing a bit. All of my family had it, and my 82-year-old dad even had to go into hospital for a week when it led to pneumonia, but fortunately he made a full recovery.

I sometimes wonder what would happen if terrorists were able to create a mutated flu virus. Then I wonder if this might not have been a first attempt.

Them or the CIA...

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