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New Project Wonderful ad and future donation campaign

In response to the recent, slight uptick in Project Wonderful advertising I've observed, anecdotally, on my own and other sites, I've added another ad slot on the front page. This is a single, half-banner-format ad between the comic and the blog. As such, it might be good for advertising things that aren't strictly comics, things that appeal to the part of the readership that scrolls on below the comic to see what rants my co-bloggers and I have to offer. If you want to appeal purely to Waffle readers, though, the square ad on the blog itself may be a better match for you.

I've also tried to put up another donation button, going back to basics with the standard Paypal button using the latest revision of their button code. Unfortunately, what should have been a five-minute job of picking a button from Paypal's website and sticking it into my front page template where I wanted it turned into an hour-long brainracker that ended in failure. Wherever I put the button, it displays at double size, and I no longer understand my own stylesheet code well enough to fix that problem. I'll either have to create a button that fits the dimensions my style sheet dictates, or comb through the style sheet to simplify it to the point where I can understand what's going on, removing code that's no longer used and sorting things so that everything is legible again. Both tasks will cut into my drawing time, though, and I'm already very late with Wednesday's comic. I don't even have enough material for Tuesday's filler! So no matter how important and urgent this is in my current, dire financial situation, it'll have to wait.

For testing purposes, here's the button code, as created by Paypal (so with my previous attempts at wrapping it into divs to control the display removed):

It looks all right on the blog but when I put it on the rocr.net home page, it's so big an eyesore that I can't leave it there while I'm not actively working on it. Feel free to click it and donate! But right now, I'm more interested in hearing why it's not displaying as it should, and what I can do about it. My stylesheet code is here.

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Bo Lindbergh:

Here's the culprit:
input {

You use this to mess with the Oh No Robot form, but since it affects all input elements, the PayPal button gets stretched too.

Well, I got that far myself. What I couldn't figure out in an hour of trying is how to cut through the object hierarchy to create a new class and matching stylesheet to make the Paypal button display normally.

Er... wait. Input. Gotcha. Thanks.

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