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The Lazarus experiment (spoilers)

....much better. The story of The Lazarus Experiment was a bit unambitious and consisted largely of chase scenes, but this time the people involved managed to hang some good direction and dialogue on that storyline, and while the resolution was a bit daft, it looked and sounded good enough to work. I liked the nod to the Third Doctor, and the first real appearance of Mr. Saxon's aide.

I am, however, getting a bit fed up with the design of the monsters - and by the way, having the lead bad guy turn into a monster? Yawn. The problem with many of the current crop of monsters is that they're all mandibles and spider legs and glistening skin and exposed internal organs and stingers and pinchers - all the outward signifiers of predatory dangerousness, but somehow they fail to impress. A Dalek, in comparison, really is a superior design. A Dalek doesn't look dangerous. It looks a bit preposterous right until it egg-whisks you to death. Much more effective. These monsters just look like they're overcompensating. And I will probably go to my grave believing that CGI monsters lack the necessary physical presence to be truly menacing.

But apart from that, here was one episode that I could enjoy again. Love Martha's mother. She's much more formidable than Jackie Tyler, just like her daughters are much more formidable than Rose.

Oooh, that trailer looked wonderful. Nice to see a familiar face again. One would almost forget it's going to be scripted by Chris bloody Cribnall....

I can't quite recall in which episode the Master did what Saxon's aide did in this one, poisoning people's minds against the Doctor. I think it was a Sixth Doctor episode, which would explain why I can't quite recall it. I recently watched a whole batch of Sixth and Seventh Doctor episodes and found the overwhelming majority of the Sixth Doctor's body of work to be intolerably bad. So I've in all likelihood repressed the memory. Was it Mark of the Rani?

Finally, I note with a weary heart that the science was bollocks again, though at least this script wasn't as brazen about it as that of Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks. It's a better quality of bollocks, if you will. I've noticed in the fan reviews on Livejournal that people have started spelling it "teh skience", which I take as a sign that they've given up on getting any science within the series that they can take seriously. Something for the producers to pay more attention to in Series 4, I guess.

No Doctor Who next week, but I'll probably find something to review. I'll either watch and review one of the DVDs that I haven't discussed yet, or download something especially to watch and review. Maybe a Dalek episode, or one featuring the Master.


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