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Under lock and key

I consider locks useful; I like my bike for instance, and would be walking a lot if I didn't keep it locked when not using it. When you lose power over a lock however, when you turn the key and nothing happens, locks don't just turn into paperweights, they turn against you.
We've been having trouble with the lock on the gate to our studio for about a week or so, it was being fickle, and finally seemed to stop working. The gate was opened with the lock locked, so the gate door couldn't close anymore. Not very safe for our possessions, although still protected by another door, but at least with an entrance that functioned - you could still walk in and out. A man had been over to look at it, but after looking at it he discovered he didn't know how to fix it and went away again. Yes, because that is how you do your job. Try, and if you fail, walk away.
This evening studio mate Josje called up and asked if I could come to the studio; someone had locked the gate, and the lock wouldn't budge anymore. She was locked in. Unfortunately, because of people swimming illegally in the neighboring swimming pool, security has been tightened the past year. Gates have been reinforced, and ugly spikes have been added. It helps keeping people out, but it also turns the building into a prison when the lock to the sole entrance freezes. With some directions from me outside, she tried climbing over the fence where it looked least likely she would become impaled. Finding no spot that would guarantuee any safe escape, we discovered the swimming pool was still open to the public. We found a lifeguard who, after explaining Josje was trying to break out, and not in, was kind enough to supply us with a ladder, and Josje managed to climb out into freedom. Leaving her bike inside, alas, forcing her to walk home.
Where does this leave us? Well, our possessions are very, very safe at the moment.
Anyone have use for a 2 story paperweight?

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And once again we have two perspectives on the same event. As I sit here at home I'm actually sort of amused by this. I don't think I'll be laughing tomorrow though.

The tightening of security has been going on for a couple of years now. Still, a sufficiently determined catburgler, or a drunk enough nightswimmer, can still get in.

Also, I wouldn't be too quick to blame the repairman for leaving his work unfinished. If the landlords sent a carpenter to what was a job for a locksmith, there's no point in the carpenter going on all day trying to fix a complicated lock. But I'm a bit miffed that no specialist craftsman has showed up yet, and I'm also a bit miffed that only a few of the building's users appear to have called the landlords at all. I think Ane Melein called on Tuesday and for all I know, that's it.

Poor Josje!!
we should sue the housing coorporation! The bastards!
I hope the the building will be open today...

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