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Sullivant wallpaper

Retro wallpaper showing cast from The Rite of Serfdom

The second wallpaper I'm bringing back is one that was inspired by the work of T.S. Sullivant, an early 20th-Century cartoonist who combined the draughtsmanship of Victorian-era illustrators with a lively, innovative style, especially in his later years. Sullivant was one of the first cartoonists to distort the proportions of the characters he drew, giving them freakishly large heads. This is commonplace now but must have seemed revolutionary back in 1920. I particularly like his Biblical cartoons and his cartoons featuring animals. His animal caricature still looks fresh after almost a century. Every few years or so, I get the urge to replicate that look, and this the result of one of those urges.

When this wallpaper was first published, Adam commented that he thought the faces looked kind of mean and evil. I guess they do if you're not used to the way Sullivant drew expression. I did my best to imitate that and other aspects of the great man's style, even though this attempt was doomed to failure. I'm not fit to lick the boots of the guy who licks his boots. But it was fun to do, and on its own, this is actually one of the better wallpapers I've done. For one, it actually keeps to the background instead of crowding out the desktop icons as most of my wallpapers do.

I originally published this as an extra for donors and Modern Tales subscribers. It... didn't take off. Perhaps I didn't have the reader base. Perhaps not enough people even got to know about it; this is why this time around, it's getting a full day on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan front page instead of being tucked away in the archive right away. Of course, it will be moved into a new Downloads section of the site very soon.

Or perhaps it was the worst possible timing. If I remember correctly, it was posted just weeks before the Modern Tales server crash, which rendered the images inaccessible for weeks on end and, over time, rendered the whole issue of whether I could incentivize people to subscribe completely and utterly moot.

This time around, there's a discreet donation link at the bottom of the posted page, but it's not compulsory to donate in order to download and use the wallpapers. If you donate, money will be used to subsidise, well, me, while I produce more comics and hopefully more downloadable art.


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