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Fan art by Rich Morris

Update: Rocr.net now has a fan art section of its own. It will fill up a little more with old material as I find and prepare it.

Rich Morris of Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic sent this fan art:
Glon and Kel
and a fine one it is too.

By the way, I drew his characters Gren and Bob as fan art for YAFGC a month ago and had my characters pay a visit to their universe in the comic for March, 28, 2007.

This new fan art brings up a slight categorisation problem. I've been putting new art sent in by readers in the fan art section for Invasion over on the Chronicles of the Witch Queen site, because all the recent ones had been specific to that storyline anyway. This one isn't. There are several other lost fan arts that used to be collected in my Gallery installation - maybe I should re-add a fan art section to ROCR.net. Until I do, though, fan arts will be shown in the blog.


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