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Help me make rent in June - get more updates in return

My biggest freelance client folded last month, and teaching work has been thin on the ground lately. As a result, I'm coming up short for rent and property taxes*) this month. So here's what I want to do:

I need $ 600 to cover this month's rent emergency. Time's run out for me to raise that by finding and getting a job during the last week of May, but I may be able to raise it by working for you, the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan readers. The update frequency of the comic has dropped to 3 a week, but I can do more, if I'm not distracted by precisely the things that I am dealing with now - the need to do other things to put money in my pocket. So, for each $ 80 that you, collectively, donate in the final week of May, I will add one extra update to the schedule in June - all the way back up to seven updates a week if that much ends up being raised, but, like I said, I only need $ 600.

Last week, two people donated money - the first donations I'd had in a long time. I'll credit that to the fundraiser, so we start with $ 15 out of $ 600 in the collection box.

Invasion, by the way, will take about 20 to 30 updates to complete, so it can be finished in a month if enough people donate to bump up the schedule. After Invasion, I have three projects planned that I really want to do, and which you will like too if you like Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan so far: a story called Muscle written by Adam Cuerden; King Groy, a rewritten, redrawn version of the story in which Kel met Jodoque, which is still missing from the archived continuity, and Feral, the story that was interrupted late last year. Donate now to get previews from these stories, starting with an unfinished page from Feral.

Raised so far: $ 25 (May 22, 15:20 CET)

*)Yes, I'm paying property taxes on a property I don't own. Can't get a rebate either unless I draw either a benefit or a salary. This is actually surprising to quite a few people in the Netherlands as well, but it's how it works here.


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