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All my original art is for sale, even if not explicitly listed.

Page for Friday, June 1, as scanned
Reader and occasional contributor Geir asked me to keep the original art for the Hitlerific ROCR update for June 1, 2007 in reserve for him so he could buy it after his next salary came in, so I guess that's another sale.

I hadn't really expected to sell that one, because I wasn't personally happy with how it turned out. Then again, I rarely am. That should teach me not to second-guess the market. I am now convinced that there is a market, at least. Also, the cost of mailing them out in cardboard tubes is a lot less than I thought it would be.

So I now think that rather than listing a handful of pages at the Webcomicsnation Swapmeet, I should offer all existing pages for sale, and let people know about it. The first part is easy; all original art still in my possession is for sale. There.

The second part is going to be harder. Ideally, every archived update should have a link to a page offering the original art for that update for sale, entered into the database with the update, and with a price, an automatically generated Paypal button (or more, to allow for multiple shipping and sales tax options) and some basic info about its availability (in case an item is already sold, or in too poor condition to sell, or doesn't exist as a single piece of original art at all). Even if that level of automation is achievable by, for example, integrating WillowCMS with OS Commerce, I'm not looking forward to the data entry work (though good default values for the archived work would help). But it would give readers an easy way to chose their favourite page, and given that there are more than a thousand ROCR originals out there, it could be well worth it.

Still, that's going to take time and research, so much as I'd like to have automated listings available soon, they won't be. In the mean time, if you're interested in buying an original page, any page, drop me a line.


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