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Small press festival, June 23

I'll be at the Small Press convention at Vera Groningen on Saturday, June 23, with Jeroen and Jelena and possibly some others. I probably won't have any new product to sell unless I manage to free up two days on Thursday and Friday to finally put together and print up the Headsmen collection. Unless I make all of next week's Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comics cut-n-pasted talking heads comics, this is unlikely. But you never know.

In any case, I'll be there to chat with people, meet up, sign the Groningen bij Nacht book, help Jeroen and Jelena with their business, and generally have a good time. Don't expect me to buy your comics though if you've got a table there yourself, as I'm still in penny-pinching mode. If you give me one of your comics, I promise to review it though.


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