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On anniversary arts, stupid mistakes, and my failures at getting people to kick my ass.

Two things:

1. Yesterday's anniversary art has been moved to its own section on the archives all the way down the list. Or you can look at the submissions by following the link to my own drawing of Jodoque as an avenging angel and going on from there. I want to thank all the artists involved for responding to me at short notice and drawing art for me. There are few things I find more encouraging.

2. There are few things I find more discouraging than realising that a prominent front page link, like the one to my drawing of Jodoque as an avenging angel has been broken for almost a day and no one has said anything. I used to have a link for emailing me about broken bits on the front page, but nobody used it except spammers, so I took it down. I still have a generic contact link on the front page in the right column, but nobody uses that either - people seem to prefer to try to contact me with email addresses that have been dead for over two years (nevermind how often I've mentioned it being dead during that period), or using a comment to an archive entry that's unrelated to the part of the site that has been broken.

Well, the email link is now back. I'd have it flash and blink and make adorable "click me" noises, but I doubt it would help. If anything's broken? Email reinder.dijkhuis@gmail.com and I'll drop whatever I'm doing to fix it. I'll even turn off the gas when I'm cooking dinner. Honestly. And I will be grateful to you for kicking my ass. Emailing any other address, or putting your complaint in a comment where I won't find it until hours later and then go "huh, whatshetalkingabout" at it, will probably just trigger another public sulk like this one.

Uhm, apologies for the inconvenience. Yeah, I make mistakes. I'm a bit thick, really.


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