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Possibly the most effective fundraiser in webcomics

I did some advertising on the fantasy webcomic Exiern a while ago. The comic is not my favorite thing in the world (see Robert A. Howard's capsule review. While his comparison between writer Drowemos' early art and that of Jamie Robertson is absurd, the rest of his description is good enough), but advertising on it has been worth my while.

What I do find fascinating about it is the money it attracts. According to its Project Wonderful stats, it has an audience of about 10,000 visitors a day, which is quite impressive for an obscure webcomic. But from that audience, it has managed to raise $1800 in a month to pay its artist with and the writer is about to start up new web projects with the money. While there have been other webcomics that have raised as much in a similar period, they tend to be better-known ones that generate more buzz and inspire visible fanaticism from their audiences.

Drowemos should rent himself out as business manager to struggling webcartoonists. He seems to be doing the obvious thing: create donation-only wallpapers, offer subscriptions to uncensored versions of Exiern, that sort of thing. Yes, we know that tittilation works, especially in combination with good art. Drowemos and Studio Boom have made it work much better than I've learned to expect. And it's bringing in respectable Project Wonderful money.

Anyway. I just wanted to offer this up as a data point. There are comics out there that raise funds effectively and make themselves self-financing, while still staying under the radar of the big webcomics blogs.


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