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The state of the assembly line

My very first job was in a powdered milk factory, filling cans on a conveyor belt. One day, the conveyor belt, which was one of three different but connected machines, broke, and the entire assembly line stopped. No one in the entire room worked until the conveyor belt, which was reputed to have been bought from a factory in the German Democratic Republic, was repaired. In the second room, the forklift guys continued working, but it was clear that they too would have to stop if the problem lasted long enough.

The assembly line for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan is running again, but like the one at that factory, it's running at half speed while some persistent problems are being worked on. Calvin is available for a few hours a week to do backgrounds. DFG is available to colour, but her Internet connection is still shaky. Mravac's PC is still out of commission, and while he's making do with Paint Shop Pro 5 on an old machine, he can't do colour work on large comics pages that way. And there's my rather urgent need to spend less time on the comic and more time on finding work that actually pays the bills.

The update schedule will be back to Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a few more weeks while I sloooooowly buffer up again. I'd like to do more; we're very close to the end of the story, and I've got some nice stuff written for that. But three is what's doable so three is what you'll get.


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