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Studio flood update

Since last week's rain flood in our building, Kitty has learned that she will have her entire concrete floor replaced. It's still impossible for her and her studio-mate to work in her studio, because the water evaporating from the soaked floor causes paper in the room to curl up. Bummer.

The corridors here are still filled with furniture, appliances and artworks from the affected offices and studios. We could be looking at that for a couple more weeks at the least, unless the owners of the stuff decide to put it in storage off-site. There is talk in the corridors and workfloors of filing damage claims against the housing corporation. I think they have a good case; it's their responsibility to maintain the roof and drains. I do find it odd that one drain was routed through the inside of the building like that.

Anyway... new concrete on the floor is going to cost a bundle. And I'm not sure how it will affect our studio at 3-21. It's quite possible that construction work on the floor will affect our ability to use the studio. I'll keep an eye out for messages from the housing corp.


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