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Feral to resume on Sunday, July 29, on Modern Tales.

The storyline I interrupted last year, Feral will finally resume publication on Sunday, July 29, 2007. It will run as a weekly comic updating on Sunday, on the Modern Tales ROCR archives.

I've been sitting on new Feral material for a long time, and used the fundraiser I did in late May to preview some pages in varying stages of completion, just to make the point that the story wasn't abandoned. The plan then was to resume work on it after Invasion was finished. However, Invasion has turned out to be one of those stories that overrun hideously, and while it is approaching the end, it has been ten pages away from the end for two whole chapters now. Also, there's a strong likelihood of a major continuity change at the end of that story, one which would take the edge off Feral if people didn't get to read that story first. The corners I paint myself into...

Anyway, I've thought about it for a while, and the recent server hiccups on ROCR.net made me realise that I have more than one website to put regularly-updating stuff on, so here's how things will proceed:
- I will publish Feral once a week on Modern Tales;
- I will mirror the already-published episodes of Feral on the Chronicles of the Witch Queen website, on days when Invasion doesn't update, in the hope of gaining some new readers for the series through Webcomicsnation's internal cross-promotion features. This rerun of the story will update three times a week, on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, until caught up. It will not show up on the COTWQ front page, though; Invasion is going to keep that spot.
- I may or may not decide to interrupt Invasion at some later point and switch back to running Feral on the ROCR.net front page. I'm leaning towards letting Invasion run its course through the expected continuity change, if only because interrupting a storyline just once was enough of a wrench for me not to want to do it again. I'm still undecided on this point, though.

Feral was, at the time I interrupted it, a very popular storyline and I know quite a few readers are looking forward to it. One update a week should be easily doable. I hope you won't mind bookmarking the ROCR on Modern Tales pages, and that you'll enjoy the new episodes of Feral!


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