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Test entry

Trying to figure out why using the extended entry feature in Movable Type breaks the archive in Opera (though not in other web browsers)... So far, I'm stumped. A minimalist version of this entry, with just the word "Less" in the entry body and "More in the extended entry, inside an LJ-cut, displayed correctly.

Maybe the entry doesn't break until I have multiple paragraphs above the cut. (Answer: No)


Maybe the entry doesn't break until I have multiple paragraphs below the cut.Answer: Yes, but does that actually tell me anything? I guess a solution might be to put standard cuts in the templates, around the "entry-more" divs, but as I have other things to do with my time and am not getting paid for this, I'm not going to try that and risk breaking all existing entries now. It doesn't help that both the HTML and CSS templates for Movable Type are complete and utter soup. Perhaps it would be better to recode the templates from the ground up. But, not doing that today.

Update: Bloody hell, now it's spreading to the blog's front page. Luckily the problem only shows in Opera, where people can solve the problem by hitting "User Mode". Still, it's annoying, if only because figuring out whether it's because Opera sucks, because Movable Type sucks or because the very small number of template changes I've made to the defaults are causing it. In any case, I'm going to change the theme for the blog a bit so the error isn't so disruptive.

Updated to add: I've changed the theme so the blog now looks different. Strangely enough, the theme I've chosen now works with the Extended Entry. Most of the themes available in Movable Type's Stylecatcher don't, though, at least not if I add in an LJ-cut. All the Vicksburg derivatives are out, unfortunately. Vicksburg is bland but functional, which is just right for a weblog in which the content is the most important thing. Many others are butt-ugly, and/or work better with a Livejournalesque layout, which Waffle doesn't have. The new theme, Powell Street, is acceptable until I get around to rewriting the templates properly.


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