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Jobhunt update

I've just had a very promising job interview with a local software localisation company. There's a good chance they'll give me a job, but they won't know for sure until two weeks from now, because they want me to do a specific kind of project that they're still trying to acquire.

Good news, then. But now I'm sort of wondering what to do with those two weeks. The welfare office will want me to keep applying for jobs at a steady pace but I can't really see the point. Unless I call a temp agency to do some menial job that's immediately available for one or two weeks. I think I'll try that.

Interview-wise, I need to watch my body language. At some point, while discussing my employment prior to 2001, I found myself sagging a bit. A bad posture isn't necessarily a problem; if it's how you sit and walk all the time it becomes a kind of gestural background noise. That's how it would have been for me ten years ago, but these days, I think I move differently. A friend who visited me the other day after I hadn't seen him for several years actually remarked on the changes in my posture and attitude. I seem to have straightened myself out, whether through increased exercise or through my six years working for myself. Could be either. So against that background of my generally looking alert, alive and straight-up, my demeanour when that part of my history was mentioned was a bit of a giveaway that I didn't enjoy talking about that part. I don't think it hurt me that much, but I certainly noticed it. Then again, maybe being fairly transparent in job interviews is a good thing. Anyone who looks at my rather checquered CV is going to want to know which of my former activities I liked or disliked, anyway.

Even if I don't get the job, the interview has allowed me to catch up and learn about the localisation business, so it should allow me to do better in the next interview. Though there are only so many software localisation firms to go around.

Next time, I'll probably under-dress a little compared to what I wore to this interview. It's a fairly informal culture, judging from the two interviews I've done with localisation firms. On the other hand, this may just be a Groningen thing. I don't know.


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