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Testing progress report, because I know everyone will be asking

The test at the localisation company went reasonably well, though I didn't finish the work and will have to wrap it up on Monday afternoon. Then my hopefully-future-boss and I will evaluate and I'll hear about it soon.

Quick points:

- The anxiety faded quickly once I had a good idea of what to do and was settled into my workspace. Good.
- I had forgotten how interesting the work was. Translating really is an intellectually stimulating activity, even in those cases where you end up doing a dozen increasingly more complex takes only to find that the first one, the three-chord one, was the best all along. That happens a lot.
- The work environment itself was distraction-free, though that had to do with few of the staff being there. That will change. In any case, I felt like I could focus and get on with it there, a feeling that's been missing from my life for some time.
- I had to dig through a large amount of reference and guidance material before I could get my teeth into the actual translation. I didn't know yet which bits were relevant so I studied it all quite carefully. That slowed me down and was probably the reason I didn't get the work finished. It was important for me to read it all, but for the most part I won't have to read it again so the second part of the test should go faster.
- My working speed may become an issue and I need to be able to guarantee to them that I'll speed up soon-ish. On the other hand, I'm already quite far into the application process and they do need more people, based on what the boss told me. So I can get away with slow speed, for now, because in the initial stages, it will be better for them to have me around than to have to look for someone else while being short one brain.
- Even if I don't get the job, and even if the reason for that is that the quality of my work is not up to their standards, I should go on looking for translation work. It's just too much fun. I'll just have to shape up and learn, possibly by taking on any assignment I can.

Roll on Monday.


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