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New storyline, hiatus extension, site housekeeping and future plans.

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan's hiatus has been extended until September 17. Instead of new ROCR updates, the site will continue its remastered rerun of White House in Orbit stories, starting with In Space, No One Can Hear You Groan.

Starting September 18, ROCR will return resuming the Feral storyline, updating three times a week. Invasion has been moved to the Crossovers section of the archives and may be away for a long time.

There is, by now, a good buffer of "Feral" updates, some of which have already been shown on Modern Tales. Nevertheless, due to my new full-time job, I am going to have to take things very slowly as far as comic updates are concerned. Putting "Invasion", which is set after the events in "Feral" anyway, aside for a while will allow me to harness the help of DFG and Calvin Bexfield, who both did excellent work assisting me on "Invasion".

I apologise for the switching around of schedules, the long hiatuses and the switching between storylines. It just sort of happened that way, especially after I put "Feral" on hiatus for a while, only to be roped into this multi-comic crossover event. Things will, I hope, be more or less normal by the end of the year.


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