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Instant Messaging problems

People trying to reach me on MSN should be advised that my connection is wonky right now, and likely to stay so if, as I suspect, the cause has something to do with the forced upgrade Microsoft has announced for MSN messengers. Every time Microsoft alters its MSN protocols, it can take alternative clients such as Gaim/Adium and especially Kopete, which I use at home, weeks to catch up.

On a related note, I've changed the "contact" link on my home page to link to this spiffy new contact page with all my details instead of having it link directly to my email. This has become necessary because what with the full-time day job, I've got even worse at replying swiftly than I was before, and I needed to be able to warn correspondents of this in advance. Note that email is still my preferred method of communication by a large margin.


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