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Hey, I'm definitely an amateur now

I've just proven conclusively that my current schedule does not allow for last-minute fixes if there's an error in a new page on rocr.net or if I'm unhappy with the art.

I wanted to fix the rather bad second panel on today's ROCR comic. It hadn't bothered me that much when I ran it on Modern Tales or on the Webcomicsnation mirror, but when it ran on the ROCR.net front page, it became a bit of a sore point. Strange how that works. So, after work, it was off to the studio to fix that in the time before running.

I gave it my best shot and had actually got as far as scanning and cleaning the new panel, but two minutes before I absolutely had to be out of there or I'd miss my training, I gave up, saved my Photoshop file and started turning off the lights. Two minutes AFTER I absolutely had to be out of there or I'd miss my training, Photoshop was still trying to save the file, and didn't seem to be doing too well at it. As I got more irritated at the slowness, I hit more buttons - CTRL-ALT-DELETE, then the soft reset switch at the front of the PC, and eventually the hard power control switch at the back of the PC. That stopped it, but that's not good for your hard drives, so I had to take my portable drive along to check if it was OK.

By the time I got home, I realised that a) I was irritated and hungry, and b) in my hurry and irritation, I had done something astoundingly stupid that could have lead to many hours of time wasted on fixing file systems - my portable drive was OK, and I expect the studio PC will be OK after a quick run of Scandisk, but that's not the point. It could have gone very very wrong.

So now I'm not at my training, more than a bit angry at myself, and basically finding my evening already knackered. Not a good way to balance my cartooning with my day job. Let's not do this again.

"Let's not do this again" will probably have consequences for the comic's schedule a couple of weeks down the line. Sorry, but that's how it is. I don't have time to rush things.

On the upside, this was really the first time I felt frustrated about not being able to get my cartooning done. At my last regular employer, I felt like that all the time. It was not a good feeling and feeling like that all the time was not a good way to balance work and life either.


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