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The 24 Hour Comic Day Groningen Blog is a blog about the 24-hour comic day in Groningen

I'll be taking part in 24 hour comic day on location at the Stripmuseum in Groningen on Saturday, October 20, into Sunday, October 21. The event will be blogged at the 24-hour comic day Groningen blog, with updates showing the latest work from the participants. There's even ominous talk of a webcam, so there's a chance you'll not only get to see what I look like, but also to see me and the creme de la creme of Groningen's cartooning subculture get completely zonked out and worn away to a pathetic stub of a human being over the course of 24 hours.

There's an impressive roster signed up already. Calvin is taking part, as is Jelena, but Jeroen, while listed, has mentioned that he might not have the energy this year as he's in the midst of moving house. But he might change his mind...


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