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Mahometan hordes smaller than expected, or so the mahometan hordes claim

Sadly, No reports a comment from a Little Green Footballs commenter that is just too priceless for words:

#21 galloping granny 10/24/07 9:21:47 am

A friend is visiting from Europe who was in Amsterdam last Friday. I asked him about the ongoing car-b-ques and he did not know the first thing about them, even though he is from the UK and is in and out of Amsterdam a couple of times a month on business.

I think the Dutch authorities are keeping this VERY, very quiet.

In related news, there are far fewer muslims in the Netherlands than was previously thought, according to the Centraal Bureau for the Statistiek, so anyone who might be reading this who is just dying for the Great Clash of Civilisations to finally happen can just put it back in their pants right now. The Bureau came to this conclusion by switching methodologies: instead of making an educated guess about religion in immigrant communities based on existing demographic data about immigrant populations, they went to the immigrants themselves and asked them what religion they were.

Which of course will offer the likes of "Galloping Granny" an easy way out of having to admit that they haven't got a feckin' clue what they're talking about: of course they're all really Islamonaziwhatevers, they're just lying about it the better to infiltrate into our enlightened and therefore vulnerable society. You just can't trust them, can you?


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