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This should help me bring the productivity back up

I haven't had much time to go to the studio, but with this:

Photoshop 7 running under Wine in (K)Ubuntu 7.10. Click to enlarge

...I should be able to do more of my work at home.

So far, I've only had one problem to solve: Photoshop needs the Microsoft core fonts, otherwise the Text tool doesn't work, even if you don't want to use any of those fonts with the Text tool (also, it doesn't know how to display its menus, but that's not all that serious). Once I'd figured out that that was the problem, it was trivially easy to solve (which I did with these two-year-old instructions). I've stress-tested PS with the Liquefy filter on a large image, and while it didn't like to have to do that, it completed the filter eventually, without crashing.
Also, Save For Web is a little bit quirky when you try to save as PNG (the entry field for entering the number of colours doesn't work too well) and scanning directly into Photoshop doesn't work, though there may be a way to make it. It's a luxury anyway, as I can scan through other applications.
And that's about it. PS 7 has Platinum status at Wine HQ which means that it's supposed to work almost exactly as well as it does under Windows, and as far as I can tell, this is justified. PS 7 is positively ancient, but in this case, that's an advantage. It's got all I need, anyway.

Of course, with my newly reinstalled linux system (and I'm really liking Ubuntu a little better every day), I'm also keeping an eye on GIMP. Version 2.4 has been released and looks very capable. Its interface is still scary but I'm used to it. I do wonder what happened to the internationalisation in it, as I can't find the Dutch-language UI files for it anywhere. It's about the only part of Ubuntu 7.10 that hasn't been properly internationalised. GIMP Internationalisation used to work on my SuSE system. Also, I found a Save for Web plugin for it but it refuses to compile and build.

My plan is to finish my current projects in PS one way or another, but try a new, small project in GIMP at some point, to get back into practice and see how well it's been developed over the past few years.


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